A WikiNode is a page dedicated to linking a wiki to other, related wiki. In some cases, it also links to Web sites.

If a wiki or Web site is related to only a limited bit of content, for instance something just about kitchen counters, even if it's a very good site, it is probably better to list it as a reference on the kitchen and the counter articles, rather than here.

Commercial sites may be listed. No ads, please, but you can make statements from personal experience as long as you make it clear that it's your opinion and sign it with your ID. Neutral, informative sites will be given preference.


The following sets of wiki are related to or have content that may be useful to people using this Home wikia:


Other wikiEdit

Web sitesEdit

Note: Some of these are commercial sites, but they have relevant content and ideas for homes.


"How to ... Tip" sitesEdit

The following sites have many tips about "how to" do things related to homes.

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