Great Value Peas

Is one of these brands of peas of greater value than the other?

The value or worth of a home and its contents can refer to an objective, monetary concept, measured by the cost or price. On the other hand, the term value can refer to an emotional or ethical judgement about priorities -- what's most important to a person. These different definitions can interact. So for example, if many people consider living near a park to be a good thing, then the price of homes near parks will be higher.

In addition to the value of a home, there is also a value of the contents. Other ways of measuring value are the original value (or amount paid), the depreciated value (original value minus an amount for what's been "used"), the appreciated value (the new amount that you could expect to sell something for when it has become more valuable over time, like antiques), the current value (what it could be sold for now).


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