Red, blue and green Sharpie markers

Most think it is impossible to remove marks from a Sharpie pen from surfaces. It isn't! These tips might also work on normal pen ink stains.

Note: Sharpie® is a name brand of "permanent" felt tip type pen or marker. It's also a registered trademark.

Removing sharpie from...Edit

In addition the cleaning suggestions below, there are some others on the Sharpie official site.


Using 91% rubbing alcohol will just smear it so is not recommended. [citation needed] - User:ShadowTale


Always try writing over a sharpie stain with a dry erase marker, then wipe off the dry erase marker with a towelette, cloth, or hand towel. [1]

Spray surface with axe body spray than wipe the area with a towelette, cloth, or hand towel. [2]

Dry erase board / white boardEdit

  1. A normal everyday eraser, like from a pencil. [3]
  1. Write over the sharpie with dry erase marker then wipe it off. [4]

Metal surfaceEdit

Write over the sharpie with dry erase marker, then wipe it off. [5]

Old video game cartridgesEdit

91% rubbing alcohol, rub with an electric toothbrush, do not actually apply pressure, just hold it against the cartridge. [6]


Pour rubbing alcohol on the stain, dab the stain lightly. Spray the area with a non-oil based hair spray, dab again, than repeat until the stain is lifted. This doesn't seem to work 100% but it is better than nothing.&nbsp [7]

Rainbow of Sharpies

a sales display of Sharpie pens - different colors and line thickness, etc.





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