Different cultures, different languages... we have many different names for home or the places we live.

Based on an analysis of word frequency in the Gutenberg project reported in wiktionary, home is the 233rd most frequently used word in English.

English names for the places we live:


Sometimes the words for house and home are the same.
In other languages:

  • Apache:
    • Chiricahua: kuugha̧
    • Western: gowąh
  • Chinese (simplified): 家 (house: 房子)
  • Dutch: heem
  • French: maison
  • German: heim
  • Greek: σπίτι
  • Hebrew: be-it
  • Italian: casa
  • Japanese: 家
  • Korean: 가정 (house: 집)
  • Portuguese: repouso (house: casa)
  • Russian: дом
  • Spanish: hogar (house: casa)

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