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Piano's new home

living room with grand piano, fireplace, rug, sofa and lots of windows

The living room is also known as a sitting room, lounge room, or lounge. This room is also called the front room, because in many homes the front door opens into the living room. It is a room for entertaining guests, reading, writing, watching TV, and other activities.

In modern homes, the living room is a replacement for the old-fashioned parlor.

In the United States, the living room is often used for quiet entertaining, while the family room is a room for recreation and casual activities.

13a2 livingroom-6632

a less formal room for living (orange accents)


Typical furniture found in a living room is a sofa, chairs, a small table, a television, lamps and bookshelves. Sometimes there is a fireplace in the living room, but mostly in the UK.


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