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Paint Your Own Shelves!
Shelves can be expensive and it is tricky to find the right one to match and fit perfectly in your home. Go to Good Will, a garage sale, or a junk yard and find an old shelve. Sand the shelve, pick a color that matches the color scheme in your house, and paint your own! This is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to transform a shelf. Check out our helpful paint and shelving articles for more help.

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Ceiling fan-7676

Keeping cool in a hot season.
Fans are a low cost way to keep the air circulating and feel cooler during the summer.

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Ovr1 540x279

Mobile Bluetooth Speaker
This speaker is the latest trend in music sound systems. Sync it with your smartphone to play music from your music library, play Pandora or other online radio stations, and more! No need to plug this mobile boombox into a speaker or the plug on your phone. You can even walk 30-40 feet away from the boombox. Read more featured media ideas here! Vote on next month's idea.


"A good home must be made, not bought."
-- Joyce Maynard, Domestic Affairs

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Would you be willing to live in a haunted house?

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