Is it a Macintosh II or is it a trivet?

grout on a tile trivet

Grout fills the spaces between tile and holds it in place. In the past most grout was white or near white and the primary emphasis on its care was keeping it clean and as white as possible. Now grout comes in color and can be part of the decorating scheme. Grout also has other options that it used to not have, such a sealants. Grout also has some other uses, such as sealing cracks in cement.


  • sanded or unsanded (Sanded is usually used for floors; unsanded for more "finished" looking tile like bathrooms or kitchen walls, backsplashes or counters.)
Panorama of our new shower

tiled shower with grout

  • color
  • sealant


Orangey bits for jko

colored grout holding mosaic tile


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