Carports of Central Florida

a carport (in Florida, USA)

Carports - Structure Details Edit

Carports; unlike a garage are non-enclosed or semi-enclosed strictures. They have as many uses as that of a garage and that is especially true when the carport is partly enclosed or coupled with a storage shed. People purchase a carport to protect their cars, RV’s, golf carts, and other vehicles in order to keep them top form and shape by protecting them from scorching sun, hailstorms, and snow. Custom-built carports can do more than just protecting the vehicles. For example, a carport can be used for doing yoga in the semi-open area, for barbecues and grill events, picnics, and even used as an outdoor studio to muster up your creativity.

Small sheds attached to a carport structure help a long way in storing regular use mowers, scissors, strollers, and other equipment in a convenient and safe place. Carports don’t have to be one-use only, and they can often substitute for more expensive structures that may not fit all of your needs.

Most of the carport manufacturers in America offer 12-gauge and 14-gauge steel made carports, that can be cut to any length desired. Most of them build a custom carport to any exact size specification; wind certification, and also snow load certification as the building permits for Carports and other metal structures differ[1] in different states of the USA. Most manufacturers are also offering custom options for the color of the roof, trim, gables, and side panels.

Carport Roof Styles Edit

A carport usually has one of the three roof styles - Regular which is known as Good. Boxed-eave which is considered better and sturdier than a regular roof style car port, and finally the Vertical roof style which is considered as the best.[2]


References Edit

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