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• 10/4/2018

Space For My Stuff

Hi,Moving out from your childhood home is always a difficult. As I was moving out from home to the college, mom told me to put all my unnecessary stuff to the attic. I took whatever I can rest all other things I put to the attic.Mom told me," if you don't need why don't you sell it or give it to scrap." Well, I am a bit emotionally close towards the stuff, so I can't get rid of it. I have heard about some self-storage-https://abacusselfstorage.com/ spaces near my area. I need around 5x5x10 space to keep my stuff. I'm finding the prices downtown unsurprisingly steep and the ones further out only slightly cheaper. I'm also burned out from phoning around because very few companies seem willing to post their prices online. I'm willing to drive as far out as Richmond for a deal. Does anyone have any leads to storage places with good prices?

Secure Self Storage Units Richmond Hill | Abacus Self Storage abacusselfstorage.com
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• 10/5/2018

Hi. Where are you? (Remember, you are posting to the WORLD WIDE web.)

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