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• 11/30/2018

LED Lights Durability

Hi Guys,

How durable are LED lights in general

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• 10/15/2018

Need more space

Hello guys,

How are you doing? I’m from Old Toronto. We have a small house in a large plot. Our house is fully surrounded by gardens. All my cousins love to stay at my house. During the last vacations, we had a get together at my house. It was really difficult for everyone to fit into the small house. We had to sleep on the floor and most of us didn’t even get sleep.

Before the next vacations, I want to resolve this situation. As I said earlier, we have a large plot, where I can build a small backyard shed so that few of us can sleep there during the night. It was one of the cousins who suggested me about this company which builds backyard sheds at a meager cost. Do you guys have any idea about them? Also, share some ideas on how to make space inside the house. Your comments will be really helpful.

Have a good day!

What is the best choice?
  • Build extension to my house
  • Build a backyard shed
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• 10/5/2018

Contributing to the Home Wiki

Welcome to the Home Wiki!

There are multiple ways to contribute to and use this Home Wiki.

You can contribute by creating articles, editing or adding to existing articles, by adding a blog post, by starting a discussion, or by responding to one. All levels of expertise are welcome -- questions, answers, and opinions.

I hope you find this a useful resource. And your contributions could make it even more useful for others.

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• 10/4/2018

Space For My Stuff

Hi,Moving out from your childhood home is always a difficult. As I was moving out from home to the college, mom told me to put all my unnecessary stuff to the attic. I took whatever I can rest all other things I put to the attic.Mom told me," if you don't need why don't you sell it or give it to scrap." Well, I am a bit emotionally close towards the stuff, so I can't get rid of it. I have heard about some self-storage-https://abacusselfstorage.com/ spaces near my area. I need around 5x5x10 space to keep my stuff. I'm finding the prices downtown unsurprisingly steep and the ones further out only slightly cheaper. I'm also burned out from phoning around because very few companies seem willing to post their prices online. I'm willing to drive as far out as Richmond for a deal. Does anyone have any leads to storage places with good prices?

Secure Self Storage Units Richmond Hill | Abacus Self Storage abacusselfstorage.com
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• 10/1/2018

Sand color powdered particle in new furnishes shelves.

I'm building a wooden shelf for my grandfather. I gave it to him so that he can him his medicines in that along with his CPAP machine.


But a couple of days later there were wooden sand particles in the machine and it became difficult to clean it. He removed all his medicines from it. I painted it again and the same thing happened again. I thought it might be termites but how do termites feed on newly varnished wood? Every day I find dust particles in it. Can I get an answer?

CPAP & Sleep Apnea Equipment Supplies | CPAP Outlet www.cpapoutlet.ca
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• 9/30/2018

New Kitchen Equipment

Hi All.

I have a resort about to operate and I had a restaurant as well. For the meantime, I will be leasing restaurant equipment

http://www.shopatstop.com/en/leasing/. Once everything is fully operational then only I will buy. I have asked a couple of chefs and restaurant owners for some advice. They did warn me about the quality of the equipment you use. I would like to know any suggestions that are best for my kitchen equipment needs. What are the things need to consider in buying that equipment.

Kitchen Equipment Leasing & Financing | S.T.O.P Restaurant Supply S.T.O.P Restaurant Supply
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• 9/22/2018

Waste management

As a part of my home renovation, we are shifting old and unused stuff from our home. There are a lot of unwanted things and waste that needs to be thrown away. We are thinking about hiring a garbage bin rental team. We just heard about a waste management company called Junk It which offer affordable bin rentals and waste removal. Anyone here had any prior experience with them? What about their service?Any other suggestions?
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• 9/20/2018

Mattress Online Good or Bad

Hi all,
My family & I recently moved into Toronto, one day my kids & myself were playing in the mattress in the living room suddenly we heard a snap sound like a spring broken or something. My son started to have a bit of pain in his leg and later its started to swelling. Later that night when I was going to sleep I came to know that mattress spring is broken. As I was new in the town I am not aware of the stores in my place. After doing some research on the internet I came up with an online mattress store in Toronto- https://mattressville.ca/ . As I am buying the mattress from online for the first time. Do you, people recommend to buy the mattress online? Is there anything that I should be concerned about?
Online Mattress Store In Toronto & Mississauga | Mattressville
Online Mattress Store In Toronto & Mississauga | Mattressville mattressville.ca
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• 9/20/2018

Window replacement options

Hello there,
I am planning to renovate my house in Peterborough. A friend of mine who is an interior designer has agreed to help me with this. He has worked on a couple of big interior designing projects for resorts in Kingston (https://loughboroughinn.on.ca/). Currently, we have single pane windows and we are looking for some other suitable options. I want a professional opinion on this. My friend suggested retaining the windows. But I want a different choice with wooden frames and with the glass. It would be really helpful if anyone could suggest some alternatives for the same.
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• 8/10/2018

Storage questions

Both I and my wife are journalists and currently working in Windsor. Both of us has got a good opportunity in Toronto. So, we are thinking to sell our house in Windsor and move to Toronto. So, we have a lot of stuff related to our job. So it will difficult for us to move into our new home on our own. We have decided to rent a service for moving boxes from Windsor- http://www.guardianportables.com/portable-storage/packing-moving-supplies/ , as we have to pack and move stuff like our business documentaries, electronics, etc. The service also provides portable storage unit which we are thinking to use for the storage of our stuff. We will move our stuff after the completion of our home’s renovations. Anyone here used the portable storage unit before. I would like to get answers to my questions about the same. Will it be okay to store the documents and other paperwork in the storage unit?
Any suggestions are welcomed.
Thanks in advance!
Containers & Boxes | Moving Supplies Windsor | Guardian Self Storage
Containers & Boxes | Moving Supplies Windsor | Guardian Self Storage Guardian Self Storage
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• 7/23/2018

Is self-storage good for storing machines and tools?

Hello everyone, I live in Toronto with my husband. My husband is a plumber. He used to keep his tools inside the garage as there is not enough space inside the house. I clean the garage regularly to chase the rats away. They usually enter through the holes and damages his tools. I used to close the holes and use some rat baits in order to prevent them from entering the garage. The next month we are going to Florida to meet my uncle. If we keep the tools inside the garage and leave, the rats might enter the garage and damage the properties inside the garage. Is self-storage good for storing tools and machines? My husband has finally decided to move his tools into storage units in Burlington( http://www.ultrastor.ca/about/ ), I think there is less chance to get damaged. Is self-storage good for short-term storage of goods?
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• 7/18/2018

Can it be done in phases?

I just moved into my new home and I have a fairly large backyard. Kids are pressuring me to build a swimming pool. I wouldn't mind building one but, I need to find the most affordable option.
When I was with my parents in Boston, my dad had a walnut tree about some feet away from the pool. During the walnut season, the pool was an absolute mess. He refused to cut down the tree, but he did remove a few of the branches. I have seen so many people build pools and use it for a short period of time, after their interest they ever use it again. My dad built his pool 10 years ago. 4 years ago, the liner needed to be replaced. Also, a bunch of maintenance on pool and landscaping and the pump had to be replaced. So we sought the help of swimming pool maintenance services. The cost was beyond his expectations. As I moved to with my husband, he was the only one going to use it. He decided it wasn't worth it, so for last 4 years, he hasn't opened it.
I don't want to repeat the same anymore. Can you please suggest what I should be looking at? Are the companies that you have dealt with that are cheap and reliable. Can it be done in phases? Any suggestions and information would be greatly appreciated.
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• 6/26/2018

Can anyone tell the legal values in my case?

We rent a home in Toronto. The main attraction of the house is the swimming pool. But it is not in a working condition. The problem is with the pool motor. The motor went out for our pool in the backyard. We reported the issue to the property owner. They initially told us that it is my responsibility and asked me to go through the warranty company to get it fixed. As I am a good swimmer and as it was my need, I did that. However, the owners let the warranty coverage lapse, so when I renewed it, the warranty company claims that the pool motor issue is a pre-existing issue and refuses to cover it. So I let the property's owner know the problem and nothing was done for next 2 months. During that time, the water turned green. The pump won't work and no one is getting back to us about getting this fixed. I again complained it to the owner.
As a follow-up, he came to the property. He told us we are responsible for repairing the pool and recommended a pool maintenance company(http://www.soldapools.com/service/). He had a copy of the lease and was trying to hand it to us. I told him we are not responsible for this. Can anyone tell the legal values in my case? Is it my or his responsibility?
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• 6/25/2018

How can we remove raccoons?

There are lots of raccoons in our locality. Every day a raccoon keeps on climbing the tree in front of my house. I don't know if there is more than one raccoon. It comes down from the tree and walks around my yard and poop all over the grass. It keeps on digging holes all around the yard. It is dirtying my yard day by day. I bought some spray from a store in Markham and sprayed all over the yard, hoping they would go away. It was of no use. Once the effect of the spray, they still keep climbing the tree and accessing the yard. I used marshmallow as a bait to trap the raccoon but it managed to escape from the trap. I was planning to cut the tree but once on the internet, I read that if we destroy their shelter and or block their entry point to the house, they will find all possible ways to get access into the house. So if I cut the tree, it might find another shelter inside my house. I just want to remove them safely from my home. I guess I should contact this humane wildlife control in Markham ( http://www.removethewild.com/service-areas/markham/ ). Do you have any other suggestions besides wildlife removal and trapping?
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• 6/21/2018

Modifying my yard

Hi all, I live in Mississauga. We have shifted to our new house. There is a small yard in the backyard of my house. I am modifying my yard. I am in the process of modifying my yard into a beautiful landscape. I planted some more flowering plants and replaced the green balls which looked awkward. One of my friends suggested building a retaining wall in the landscape. I think it's a good idea to make the landscape more appealing. Right now, I am in an effort to install a well-deserved patio. We cleared out a big chunk of land, which will allow installing a decent size patio and hence it will require a retaining wall. Since I am very obsessed with landscaping, I am ready to spend any amount on designing a good one. I contacted a landscape maintenance in Mississauga ( https://peellandscapedepot.com/landscaping-maintenance-services-mississauga/ ) for gathering supplies for building the wall. I am brand new to landscaping and I don't' have any idea on designing a patio and landscape. I thought of installing a Nicolock Trinity wall system. I think it would require only 2 feet of crushed stone between the retaining wall and the ground ledge. Do you have any suggestions?
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• 6/18/2018

Disposal of trash

We are shifting to a new house next week. Currently, we are living in Toronto. We use to keep some of the excess household materials in the basement. This includes some furniture, kids’ toys, electronic gadgets and some other stuff that we don’t need anymore. Before we vacate this house, we need to find a solution for disposing of this trash. We donated some of the old furniture to natural habitat restoration. The other stuff is left in the basement itself. I don't know what to do with that trash. I need to remove them immediately. I don't have much time. I thought of seeing the help of this garbage disposal services in Toronto ( http://www.redbins.ca/disposal-toronto/ ). But I am not sure about how much junk we have. How do they collect the trash? Do garbage disposal services collect furniture and old appliances?
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• 6/4/2018

Home renovation interior ideas?

Before moving into our new house in Calgary, the first thing I asked my husband was to remodel our old Kitchen. The kitchen appliances and the interiors were very old. The wiring also needed some work. We got it all fixed by kitchen renovation services in Calgary.
But now we are thinking of renovating the bathroom. There seems to have a few problems with the water heater and the wiring. Also, the toilet seems to leak often. We are thinking of getting it fixed from a good renovation service in Calgary. We have decided on a place to get the bathroom appliances( http://www.imagineplumbing.ca/appliances/bathroom-fixture-and-tap-installations/ ). While talking about these problems to one of my friends she suggested that it would be better to build a new house than moving into this old house. So, if possible, I am thinking of renovating the home renovating. I am searching for an expert talk about full renovation of the house. I hoping to get some good ideas for the house renovation without spending too much money. Or do you think I should just stick on to bathroom renovation only?
Please let me know what you think of it...
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• 5/30/2018

Replacing windows at home

I am living in Edmonton. I am planning to buy replacement windows for my house that was built in the 60's. It was my grandfather's house. My dad inherited the house after grandfather's death. My dad moved to a retirement home. So, now I own this house. We currently have double hung, wood framed and single pane windows. They are very hard to operate and its very inefficient. I am looking for a replace windows and doors company in Edmonton ( http://www.canglow.ca/window-replacement-edmonton/ ). There are a number of window replacement companies in our area, but it is very hard to find information or consumer reports on which is the best? Can anyone help? Is there a good website with reviews? Has anyone had similar experiences? I am interested in single slide windows. I find it very simple. Is it suitable for an old house?
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• 5/24/2018

A wireless security system in our house

I happen to read a report that tells about the situations where the security alarm does not work. I was confused with the working of a security system. We are building our new house in Mississauga. Our engineer suggested introducing a wireless security system in our house(https://protectionplus.ca/programs-and-promotions/alarm-packages/wireless-security-systems/) . I too think that it as a smart idea. There are several advantages for a security system. Along with that, I read about the situations where security system does not act efficiently. Modern security systems introduce a wide possibility of securities. But how can we assure that the system really works? I need to know more about its working. I think we can ensure that the system is working properly only when an incident happens. If it does not work, it is wastage of money and time. I know that security systems have got more advantages than that of disadvantages. But there are some possibilities where it can’t work efficiently. I am asking this possibility since I want to install the best product in my new home. Does anyone had difficulties with security systems?
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• 4/6/2018

Raccoons entering the house

I live in Richmond Hill. I love this place very much, except raccoons. Every time we try to chase them away, they try to get access to the house by any other methods, thereby creating destruction in our house. We tried various ways to chase them away but they re-enter again. They broke the chimney cap and tried to create their shelter. I am really scared of this animals. My husband used to chase them away but he is fed up now. We don’t know how to solve this problem. How do we get rid of them? Is there any method to chase these animals away?
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