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Need more space

Hello guys,

How are you doing? I’m from Old Toronto. We have a small house in a large plot. Our house is fully surrounded by gardens. All my cousins love to stay at my house. During the last vacations, we had a get together at my house. It was really difficult for everyone to fit into the small house. We had to sleep on the floor and most of us didn’t even get sleep.

Before the next vacations, I want to resolve this situation. As I said earlier, we have a large plot, where I can build a small backyard shed so that few of us can sleep there during the night. It was one of the cousins who suggested me about this company which builds backyard sheds at a meager cost. Do you guys have any idea about them? Also, share some ideas on how to make space inside the house. Your comments will be really helpful.

Have a good day!

What is the best choice?
  • Build extension to my house
  • Build a backyard shed
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Space For My Stuff

Hi,Moving out from your childhood home is always a difficult. As I was moving out from home to the college, mom told me to put all my unnecessary stuff to the attic. I took whatever I can rest all other things I put to the attic.Mom told me," if you don't need why don't you sell it or give it to scrap." Well, I am a bit emotionally close towards the stuff, so I can't get rid of it. I have heard about some self-storage-https://abacusselfstorage.com/ spaces near my area. I need around 5x5x10 space to keep my stuff. I'm finding the prices downtown unsurprisingly steep and the ones further out only slightly cheaper. I'm also burned out from phoning around because very few companies seem willing to post their prices online. I'm willing to drive as far out as Richmond for a deal. Does anyone have any leads to storage places with good prices?

Secure Self Storage Units Richmond Hill | Abacus Self Storage abacusselfstorage.com
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Where can I dump construction waste in Toronto?

I am moving to my new house in Toronto next week. We are going to rent the house in which are currently living to university students. Our newly constructed house has not been cleaned properly after finishing the construction work. The construction workers were so careless. They left the leftovers without cleaning it. There are a lot of materials lying on the floor. I will have to get it cleaned before moving in. I want to remove them as soon as possible and shift comfortably to the new house. I am looking for a place to dump those construction waste. Is there any such place in Toronto where we can dump? Or any service which offers to dispose of construction waste?

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Sand color powdered particle in new furnishes shelves.

I'm building a wooden shelf for my grandfather. I gave it to him so that he can him his medicines in that along with his CPAP machine.


But a couple of days later there were wooden sand particles in the machine and it became difficult to clean it. He removed all his medicines from it. I painted it again and the same thing happened again. I thought it might be termites but how do termites feed on newly varnished wood? Every day I find dust particles in it. Can I get an answer?

CPAP & Sleep Apnea Equipment Supplies | CPAP Outlet www.cpapoutlet.ca
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wood coloring

A new wood floor was designed to make the ceilings and walls match. Now I colored all the equipment with a wood finish including the espresso machines.


Now the entire cafe looks like an ancient cafe made out of wood. Customers loved the ambiance they gave high reviews about us. Sometimes small changes like this can help. Now we are looking for a front extension for the cafe. We wanna know which kind of wood will suit for it.

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Good Services


Our building is equipped with this airconditioning system for some years. Lately, It's inconsistent airflow had some problems in the building, sometimes it's powerful, sometimes it's slow. The whole building was having a different temperature. This causes a lot of difficulties I started to get many complains from the clients. So I contacted the nearby HVAC repair service for checking the issue. After fixing the problem they told me it was a problem with a faulty board. Which caused the different temperature control in the building. They told it can be because of the leak in HVAC unit or some faulty system board. What do you people think about it? Do these situations do happen often?

Sierra Air Mechanical
Sierra Air Mechanical Sierra Air
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Moving to new place

My friend and his family were thinking to purchase a condo in North York as they were going to settle there as he got a good opportunity in North York. They searched a lot for a good condo, but couldn’t settle for one until they found one from condos for sale in North York -http://www.yourcondos.com/browse-condos/location/north-york/ . They loved the condo and everything about it. The broker they helped find one was amazing. He's been in the field for a while now. He knew the ins and outs of the condo. The condo was simply amazing and beautiful. They have already signed the contract. So, if anyone’s looking to purchase any good condos in North York, you can find the best ones from the same place.

Hope this helped…!

New Condos For Sale in North York | Your Condos
New Condos For Sale in North York | Your Condos Your Condos
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New Kitchen Equipment

Hi All.

I have a resort about to operate and I had a restaurant as well. For the meantime, I will be leasing restaurant equipment

http://www.shopatstop.com/en/leasing/. Once everything is fully operational then only I will buy. I have asked a couple of chefs and restaurant owners for some advice. They did warn me about the quality of the equipment you use. I would like to know any suggestions that are best for my kitchen equipment needs. What are the things need to consider in buying that equipment.

Kitchen Equipment Leasing & Financing | S.T.O.P Restaurant Supply S.T.O.P Restaurant Supply
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Fall protection system

I'm writing this for my brother. Apologies for any technical error because I don't know much about the terms and services in construction. My brother owns a construction business In Toronto and Ontario. There was a dispute regarding the services when a technical accident happened in one of the construction sites in Ontario. An elevator worker got his rope jammed in the midway on his way down. It took two hours to bring him down safely. The workers all argued over the quality of the system. We got an engineering service team to check the fall protection system in Ontario. They looked into it and said the whole system is safe and there was no problem. Nearly two days was lost for this process. But we gained our employees' trust.

Safety Engineering Consulting Services Ontario | HITE Engineering
Safety Engineering Consulting Services Ontario | HITE Engineering Safety Engineering Consulting Services Ontario | HITE Engineering
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Clean like Vancouver

Vancouver is really a paradise. It has got everything as a package like a sea, forest, lake etc. Our last trip to Vancouver was the best. The view is breathtaking. The nature and the coastal city all in one province. I wonder how hard it is to maintain a clean city like this.
We arrived on a Saturday morning and stayed in Vancouver in a hostel accommodation ( http://suitesatubc.com/accommodations/pacific-spirit-hostel/ ). The next day we visited the coasts and ports. The evening we decided to camp in the forest which was the most exciting part. It was so beautiful that you will wanna live your entire life in the forest without anyone. It makes you believe in nature.
Affordable Hostels Vancouver | UBC Conferences & Accommodation Stay | UBC Conferences & Accommodation
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Plank flooring options

My friend and his family recently moved to a rented place in Muskoka. The house seems alright and was within their budget but the flooring here was slightly damaged and the planks have a creaking noise. I know the flooring costs a lot. But they don't have that kind of money. It's hard living there with the floor damaged. I contacted some old friends in Muskoka about the plank flooring and they told to replace only the damaged ones.
Even though only a few planks are damaged, many of the planks have the creaking sound. Do you guys know any solution to this? Any suggestion is welcomed.
Custom Wood Plank Flooring Muskoka | Revival Flooring
Custom Wood Plank Flooring Muskoka | Revival Flooring Revival Flooring
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How long does it take to secure a home insurance?

Recently I bought an apartment in Oshawa as I have decided to settle here. I applied for a loan to purchase this apartment along with my savings. The apartment is not insured yet. My cousin suggested that a standard home insurance plan covers for loss and damage caused to the property due to a fire accident or theft.
I prefer reasonable prices and great staff to deal with. But it is really taking me too much time to find a reasonable one. So I am hoping to approach some insurance brokerage services in Oshawa(http://www.wbwhite.com/ ) as it will be easier for them to find one for an affordable one.
I would like to know how long does it take to complete the procedure of securing a home insurance? Can someone help me clear the doubts? Kindly share your experience.
Personal, Business & Financial Insurance Brokerage in Oshawa & Lindsay
Personal, Business & Financial Insurance Brokerage in Oshawa & Lindsay W.B. White Insurance Ltd
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Waste management

As a part of my home renovation, we are shifting old and unused stuff from our home. There are a lot of unwanted things and waste that needs to be thrown away. We are thinking about hiring a garbage bin rental team. We just heard about a waste management company called Junk It which offer affordable bin rentals and waste removal. Anyone here had any prior experience with them? What about their service?Any other suggestions?
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Mattress Online Good or Bad

Hi all,
My family & I recently moved into Toronto, one day my kids & myself were playing in the mattress in the living room suddenly we heard a snap sound like a spring broken or something. My son started to have a bit of pain in his leg and later its started to swelling. Later that night when I was going to sleep I came to know that mattress spring is broken. As I was new in the town I am not aware of the stores in my place. After doing some research on the internet I came up with an online mattress store in Toronto- https://mattressville.ca/ . As I am buying the mattress from online for the first time. Do you, people recommend to buy the mattress online? Is there anything that I should be concerned about?
Online Mattress Store In Toronto & Mississauga | Mattressville
Online Mattress Store In Toronto & Mississauga | Mattressville mattressville.ca
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Are storm doors necessary?

We are thinking of renovating our old house. There seems to have a few problems with the doors and windows. We are thinking of getting it fixed from a good residential window installation company https://www.clerawindows.com in Toronto. Just confused in choosing which type of doors should be chosen to replace the old doors. One of my friends suggested Storm doors, as it allows protection against bad weather, and allows for ventilation in fair weather. Is it secure? There are some security problems in our locality. So we are really worried about it. Looking for your suggestion.
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Window replacement options

Hello there,
I am planning to renovate my house in Peterborough. A friend of mine who is an interior designer has agreed to help me with this. He has worked on a couple of big interior designing projects for resorts in Kingston (https://loughboroughinn.on.ca/). Currently, we have single pane windows and we are looking for some other suitable options. I want a professional opinion on this. My friend suggested retaining the windows. But I want a different choice with wooden frames and with the glass. It would be really helpful if anyone could suggest some alternatives for the same.
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Looking for condos in Scarborough

Is anyone thinking of purchasing a new condo in Scarborough but doesn’t have any idea from where? Well, my friend was also in the same confusion when he was searching for a condo. He tried his luck with different brokers to find a condo, but couldn’t. But in the end, he found the best Scarborough condos from the condo market- http://www.yourcondos.com/browse-condos/location/scarborough/ . The condos were really great. There were both pre-construction and fully constructed condos. All of them were affordable and great in terms of style and interior. The condo community was also great. After discussing the down payments and other costs, he signed the contract last week. He is really happy about it.
So, if anyone else is also looking maybe this could help you too.
New Pre-Construction Condos Scarborough | Your Condos
New Pre-Construction Condos Scarborough | Your Condos Your Condos
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Need Trash Removal Service

Hi guys, my home renovation is almost finished. They will wrap it up in 2-3 days. My house is quite big (4000+ sq ft) And it's the first renovation.

Added a new room, changed the carpets and made so many modifications in the interior. Had to change some furniture, doors and windows. Now they are painting the walls and modifying the garden.
House is looking great and I'm totally happy.

Except for one thing. The waste! There is a heap of renovation leftovers here. I mean you can guess it. When you completely renovate a big house there will be junks more than you can handle. Especially when you are living in the central area of Ontario.
So I'm thinking about hiring a good bulk trash removal service( https://www.junk-works.ca/services/items-we-take/trash )
It makes sense right? What is your opinion on this?
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Storage questions

Both I and my wife are journalists and currently working in Windsor. Both of us has got a good opportunity in Toronto. So, we are thinking to sell our house in Windsor and move to Toronto. So, we have a lot of stuff related to our job. So it will difficult for us to move into our new home on our own. We have decided to rent a service for moving boxes from Windsor- http://www.guardianportables.com/portable-storage/packing-moving-supplies/ , as we have to pack and move stuff like our business documentaries, electronics, etc. The service also provides portable storage unit which we are thinking to use for the storage of our stuff. We will move our stuff after the completion of our home’s renovations. Anyone here used the portable storage unit before. I would like to get answers to my questions about the same. Will it be okay to store the documents and other paperwork in the storage unit?
Any suggestions are welcomed.
Thanks in advance!
Containers & Boxes | Moving Supplies Windsor | Guardian Self Storage
Containers & Boxes | Moving Supplies Windsor | Guardian Self Storage Guardian Self Storage
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